50 Years Ago Black Panther Illinois Chairman Fred Hampton Was Assassinated!

December 4th the 50 year anniversary of #BlackPanther ‘s party Illinois Chairman #FredHampton ‘s assassination.

Hampton was murdered alongside Mark Clark within a West-side apartment in #Chicago at the hands of Police Officials during a raid. The murder of Hampton and Clark was identified as the governments attempt to silence the Black Panther’s party.


According to #ABCNews Hampton’s pregnant fiancé Akua Njeri was also within the apartment at the time of the tragic incident. It has been indicated that she was in the same room as Hampton moments before he died. Njeri was eight months pregnant at the time and was escorted out of the apartment before Hampton was killed.


“Chairman looked up from the bed. He moved really slow, he never moved out of the bed and laid his head down slow. I left that room with no blood on my clothing, which indicates he had not been shot while I was in the room,” she states. She goes on to say before exiting the apartment she saw the lifeless body of Clark on the floor.

Sources have confirmed that over 20 years later both Hampton and Clark’s surviving family were paid $1.8 million dollars in a settlement as apart of a wrongful death suit.

Fred Hampton was only 21 years old and Mark Clark was 22.

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