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Ari Lennox Shares Her Views On Love And Admits She is Unlucky in Love!

Just like many of us women out there, Ari Lennox considers herself to be a hopeless romantic. In a recent episode of If Not For My Girls, the “Pressure” singer opens up about her love life to Sevyn Streeter and Aliya Janell

As reported by HipHopDX, Ari explains “I’m just bored. I’m bored! Or I’ll find someone incredibly interesting and then like, the sex is terrible. And I’m sorry, but that’s important. Or you’re scared of my dog! Like, grow up! He’s the sweetest thing.” Streeter and Janell agreed but seemed shocked about men being scared of Ari’s dog, so Ari explained more by saying, her dog is “about as big as us”. 

Besides expressing her thoughts on her love life in the episode, “The Shea Butter” singer took to Twitter to share that she wants to be in love. “Damn, I want to be in love. Never experienced it”. In a series of Tweets, Ari writes about hating to have “romantic love”, a passion of hers. Ending the sentiment by saying, “I just feel the intense desire for romance can be blinding, debilitating and even dangerous at times. Being a hopeless romantic feels too vulnerable. I just never saw it so clearly”. 

I am pretty sure we can all relate to Ari and her stance on love at this point. Cousins, what do you guys think? How has the love department been working out for you guys so far? 

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