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Ashanti Speaks On Owning Her Masters And Recreating Classic Albums, Irv Gotti Responds!


Beyond the flashing lights and fame, the music industry can be a tricky and often unfair business. Within this day and age we are all baring witness to some of our favorite artists of all time being snaked out of their coins while taking years, sometimes decades to gain rights to their masters!

In efforts of showing fans and upcoming artists the importance of ownership, everyone’s favorite girl Ashanti is recreating her classic albums under very own record label. Earlier this year the R&B princess gained full ownership to her masters.

In a recently released interview with Angie Martinez , the Glenn Cove native explains, she’s doing this to help teach people about the music business and why it’s so imperative to own your masters.

It wasn’t long before Murder Inc CEO Irv Gotti pulled up to Angie’s comment section to state-“ “@angiemartinez just for super clarity, I own all those great Ashanti Albums Angie,” commented Irv Gotti on Instagram. “I own the masters and I produced all those great Ashanti Albums. So I also own a good portion of the Publishing. What she is trying to do is re record all those great records and put them out on her label. She can do this under the COVER laws. But she is basically trying to fuck me out of my Masters. And make people decide which album to listen too or stream. Hoping her loyal fans will choose her version. But hey, I stand on the magic that was created. And I wanna see her duplicate that magic. It’s fucked up really. But such is life.”

Ashanti STANS have also pulled up to the function in letting Irv know that they’ll be tapping in to the new music Ashanti re-creates and deleting the old files.

Cousins will you be tuning in to the new Ashanti or sticking with the old?

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