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72 Year Old Black Woman’s Body Discovered Hanging From A Tree!


An absolutely tragic incident has occurred involving an elderly Black woman’s lifeless body being discovered hanging from a tree within Annapolis, Maryland!

Police officials arrived on the scene of the 600 block of Belle Drive upon alerts of an unattended death on November 4th, states Where Is The Buzz.

It has been indicated that the woman’s body was immediately taken down for it was located near a bus stop that is usually occupied by students of both the local Mills-Parole Elementary and Annapolis Middle school.

The woman’s identity has not been disclosed to public as of yet due to the fact that officials are currently confirming that her extended family has been notified.

It has been indicated that numerous students saw the woman’s body while heading to school early morning.

Principals Richard Rogers and Casey Hunt at Mills-Parole Elementary and Annapolis Middle School forwarded letters to students parents informing them of the graphic tragedy while noting that counselors are available for further discussions.

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