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8 People Confirmed Dead And Hundreds Injured Following Day 1 Of ‘Astro World’ Festival In Houston, Texas!


We are sending prayers to families and loved ones of the victims lives claimed tonight at this year’s third annual Astro World festival!

According to ABC 13, a total of 8 people have been confirmed as dead and hundreds injured within opening night of the sold out venue.

Reports read that things begin to a little too turned up around 9:15 PM when the crowd reached an approximate head count of 50,000 people. It has been indicated that concert goers began to roughly push towards the front of the stage.

“The crowd began to compress toward the front of the stage, and people began to panic,” says Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña.

It has been stated that more than 300 victims in total had been treated at a field hospital since the event began. Though names and ages of the deceased haven’t been forwarded as of yet. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said one of those hurt were as young as 10-years-old.

Houston Fire Department and Harris County medics transported 23 people to hospitals, 17 of those patients were taken away during the worst of the ordeal, according to Peña, who also said CPR had to be performed on 11 of the victims. HFD had 55 units in-service for the festival, Peña said.

Though specific details haven’t been conformed as of yet, it has been hinted at that day two of the festivital may be cancelled.

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