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Sidney Starr Speaks On Her Alleged Union With Actor Darius McCray!


Transgender reality television personality Sidney Starr is speaking out one mo gain after social media users called out her track record of fabricating a few things in the past!

Incase you all are unfamiliar she previously lied about being in a relationship with rapper Chingy. Most recently she made headlines after forwarding claims that she’s currently seeing actor Darius McCray.

Sidney made a special appearance at #TheReal to set the record straight on a few things.

As you guys can see, it really, really, really hit us. It hit us hard. I don’t think either I or Darius knew how hard that this was gonna hit,” she said. “Society was not ready for this at all.” Starr clarified that they are “friends,” adding, “He’s a very good friend of mine. That’s all I’mma say.”

On a serious note the ladies began to speak on the issues of mistreatment of Trans people and the backlash they often receive..

In regards to her slippery track record of lies Sidney states, “I’m only human. I come from a very scratchy past, but I will say this: I am all about positivity.”

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