Issa Rae And Amanda Seales Respond To Social Media Users Backlash Of Portraying AKA Soror In New Season Of “Insecure”

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Following last night’s long awaited series premier of Insecure some folks weren’t too happy of the fictional character Tiffany Dubois portrayed by Amanda Seales sporting the AKA sorority colors of pink and green!

Within the episode Amanda’s character Tiffany pulled up with her crew of ladies to their alma mater of Stanford University, for a reunion.

Tiffany was seen outfitted in a nearly $3,000 pink and green Gucci fit and later in a cardigan with a clear A, for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. present.

Amanda’s character Tiffany also is seen with the season five premier asking Molly, a fellow AKA, if she was going to participate in a sorority activity.

A social media users went viral for a tweet that read, “Okay so hold up. This girl is not a Soror and has my SHIELD on her body?! @IssaRae @Insecurehbo please do not do that again. That’s wildly disrespectful!”

Issa responded in a now deleted tweet that read, “Oh sh*t let me tell @HBO to delete the one of the upcoming episodes then, hold on.

Amanda also took to social media in a clip to state, “I don’t know why people keep asking me if I’m a soror.”

She continued, “I am not a soror. Tiffany is a soror. Tiffany is a character on a TV show. I didn’t write the character. I play the character. I’m an actress, and I’m playing a character on a TV show“


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