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Toni Braxton Launches New All Vegan Body Care Line, “Nude Sugar” With Ulta Beauty!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


The incomparable living legend Toni Braxton came for our souls with the launch of her sumptuous skincare line ‘Nude Sugar’.

The products and packaging are crafted to perfection.The line is made available exclusively through the American beauty retailer of cosmetics, Ulta Beauty, according to Forbes.

Miss Braxton’s prestigious line is a reflection of the currently blond bombshell’s dedication to exquisite self care. She has finally opened up her secret vault of beauty secrets, helping her ‘glow’ older gracefully, and making them available to us!

The skincare line pampers every complexion and has created its own signature scents. Vibe reports the 53-year-old stated, “My skin as an African American tends to be a little drier. Since I’m getting up there, just going outside in the sun, and all the years of the things that I’ve done to my body being in the entertainment business, for me, it was having hyperpigmentation or sometimes you get light spots. I wanted to do something that represented me. I wanted something that I knew really worked.”

According to the Grammy award winning singer on Instagram, her beauty line has been in the making for the past two years!

Cousins join us in raising a glass to congratulate Toni Braxton for sharing her excellence with the word! Join our toast and comment with below

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