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Ray J Officially Released From Hospital After Intense Battle With Pneumonia!


We are pleased to announce that after a nearly two week intense battle with Pneumonia Ray J has officially been discharged out of the hospital!

According to TMZ following his release the singer and business man is no longer using an inhaler or on oxygen.

As we previously reported both Ray and hospital officials initially believed he had caught covid due to the like symptoms he exhibited but even after his test results came back negative he was still stationed within the Covid wing of the hospital.

Ray revealed that he was unable to see his family and that no one came to see him because of covid restrictions. He also says that he was given a total of five covid tests to make sure he hadn’t contracted the virus.

While in the hospital Ray reportedly filed for divorce from his wife of five years Princess Love. Though he hasn’t publicly addressed anything we’re glad to know he’s healthy and on his feet.

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