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Wendy’s Manager Tosses Hot Oil On Customer That Complained His Food Was Cold!


A Wendy’s manager out in Tennessee has taken matters into his own hands ( literally ) as he burned a customer with piping hot oil after complaining about receiving cold food!

Demarrus Pritchett, 21 was arrested after being seen seen on surveillance footage last week tossing hot oil on the identified customer Zayveon Johnson, 23 at a Hunting located franchise reports the Daily News.

Officials state that the two gentlemen had a prior beef pertaining to dogs. Forwarded footage shows that Zayveon was at the drive-thru window and had complained that his food was cold.

It appears that the two exchanged some words leading to Demarrus leaving the window and returning to issue a refund for the food. The manager also returned with a metal pan of frying oil and tossed it at Zayveon.

He was the taken to a local hospital and treated for burns on both his left arm and side.

Officials state that Demarrus admitted to throwing hot oil at Zayveon he was arrested and taken to a Carroll County jail on charges of aggravated assault. He was released shortly after posting a $5,000 bail.

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