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Dave Chappelle Delivers New Netflix Comedy Special, Setting Off An Outcry For Cancellation!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Comedian Dave Chappelle tried something different within his recently debuted comedy special on Netflix “The Closer”.

Understanding his own assignment, Dave made sure to let fans know that “this would be his last comedy special for a minute”.

Dave made controversial jokes where he addressed the LBGTQ community and proceeded to state he had come in peace while saying he wishes to negotiate DaBaby’s release; figuratively speaking of course.

The actor, writer, and producer then unleashed his whole controversial comedic monologue, delivering verbal jabs and blows all around. Jabs to make his audience pause and think, to make their jaws drop as their eyebrows shot up. Blows to make them gasp for air or shake their heads mechanically while mouthing ‘no’ trying to process the moment; some even snarled at times.

Yes, cringeworthy comedy is his specialty and he spared no expense. He came in consciously hot as he delivered his “I said what I said” style of stand-up the entire 1hr and 12 min.

Comedians are expected to jolt us, make us reflect, laugh at ourselves, question ourselves. The award winning comedian’s whole set was riddled with quips and set off an outcry for cancellation of his special.

It has also sparked the age-old debate of ‘at what point is too far?’

Cousins, are you ready to bid farewell to Dave Chappelle? Or nah?

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