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NYC’s Dirt & Debris Is Coming In Hot, Ranking New York As One Of The Top 3 Filthiest Cities!


The verdict is in and NYC is in need of a good cleaning following reports that they landed at number three on the list of the top filthiest cities in the world!

According to Timeout, New York thankfully didn’t rank first, however the not so good news is that it came in behind Rome & Bangkok, making them the top dirtiest state overall.

 New York is synonymous with “built different” but this may not be what proud New Yorkers had in mind.

All is not lost, as New York took top marks for “most exciting” city in the world, among other top honours. It would be remiss to not mention that, “this year’s survey put a special focus on local community efforts, green spaces and sustainability efforts”.

The fact remains that though New York was recognized for their abundance of grime, it is still a must see, must experience destination city.

3 cheers to the Concrete Jungle and perhaps next year, those who have ridden the notorious Subway systems down below should be exempt from participating?

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