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Michael Jordan’s Son Arrested And Booked On Charges Of Aggravated Assault After Getting Physical With Arizona Hospital Staff!


Son of NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan had a wild weekend recently that were sure he’ll never forget as after being arrested for allegedly assaulting Scottsdale hospital staff members!

Police officials and medical care workers responded to an alert on Saturday around 12:40AM pertaining to a man identified as Jefferey Jordan, 32.

Apparently Jeffrey hit the back of his head while at the restaurant/club Casa Amigos, reports KTAR News. It has been indicated that he injured himself within a fall, where he slipped and was bleeding out.

While receiving medical attention at Scottsdale City hospital Jeffrey reportedly assaulted staff members.

Sources have confirmed that after he was released from the hospital, Jefferey was taken to Scottsdale City jail for processing. He was booked on charges of aggravated assault, a felony to a healthcare professional and was released an hour later

Jeffrey is identified as being Michael’s oldest son.

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