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Alabama Mom Throws Them Bows At 11 Year Old After Reportedly Bullying Her Child!

—Angelot Ndongm—


What could have been a teachable moment between two students; has now turned into an assault gone viral!

Mother’s arrest, a potentially injured 11 yr old, and baffled students left to make sense of the aggression they were exposed to that day.

According to the Grio, a 37yr old mother, named Nannat Waldrop, hopped on a Jefferson County Elementary school bus and physically attacked an 11yr old who she “believed” was the bullying her daughter.



Reports read that there was no confirmation whether the child attacked was in fact her child’s bully.

It has been indicated that “A video capturing the incident began to make its rounds on social media”.

As the video clip gained traction, Mom was then arrested, charged and released that same morning after posting bonds totaling $10,500.

The Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, released a statement that this behavior would not be “tolerated”.

It is unclear at this time if the child sustained any physical injuries.

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