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Louisiana Police Officer Passes Away From Covid-19 One Day Before His Wedding!


A bride to be has been left with a heavy heart due to the tragic death of her fiancée following complications from Covid-19 one day before they were set to tie the knot!

Veteran Louisiana Lieutenant and local sports coach Demarcus Dunn, 36 passed away earlier this month following a battle with covid.

According to People Magazine , Demarcus cousin, Baker police chief Carl Dunn announced the heartbreaking news on Facebook with an emotional speech.

“We have lost our teddy bear, Lieutenant Demarcus Dunn. To me, he was just a big teddy bear, full of love for everyone he met… I have to thank our God for blessing us with Demarcus.”

He explains that his cousin was originally suppose to wed in July 2020 but due to the uncertainty of the pandemic they were forced to reschedule.

Carl reveals that the father of three was unvaccinated. “It was disturbing to me that he hadn’t gotten it [the vaccine] and I didn’t know for sure he hadn’t gotten it ’til it was all over with.”

He says that his cousin had tested positive for the virus on July 29 and that his symptoms included a headache, cough, and difficulty breathing.

“Even the day that he went on the ventilator, I talked to him that morning, and he told me that he wasn’t feeling bad,” Carl said.

Sadly Demarcus passed away on August 13th, he leaves behind three children and his fiancée.

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