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Actor Michael Jai White Reveals His Eldest Son Passed Away From Covid Months Ago!


We are sending our deepest condolences to actor Michael Jai White following the passing of his eldest son!

In a recently released interview with Vlad TV Michael discussed how many children he has between his past and current marriage while then revealing his son had died months ago. He said that he had him at a young age and that the two shared a connection because they basically grew up together.

Michael explains, “unfortunately, the street element was still part of his life growing up. He was in the hospital for a while so it wasn’t immediate.

“Unfortunately, he was still kinda out there in the streets hustling, wasn’t doing well, started getting on substances. He’d come out, go back in, all that type of stuff.”

Michael says that he did everything he could for his son to keep him off the streets however, “ultimately, it’s up to that person, especially if it’s a grown person The street life was “his thing.”
Michael further revealed that his son got sick, was admitted to the hospital and,“COVID was waiting for him… That was the knockout blow.”

According to Hot 97 he was only 38 years old and is survived by his six children.

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