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State Of Texas To Possibly Remove Martin Luther King Jr, Native American, KKK, White Supremacy And Woman’s Suffrage History From School Curriculum!


In efforts of potentially getting a handle on “critical race theory” the state of Texas is working on removing social studies lessons pertaining to the civil rights movement, white supremacy and woman’s history from school curriculum grades K-12!

Though the bill is still being processed for consideration, Texas Senate has already voted to pass Bill 3 which will directly remove lessons in regards to Martin Luther King Jr’s “ I have a dream” speech, Native American’s early history, the Woman’s Suffrage movement, KKK and white supremacy, reports ABC news.

It has been indicated that the newly proposed bill will prohibit teachers from issuing lessons that will allow a single race or sex to inherently superior to another race or sex.

Including feeling “ discomfort, guilt and/or anguish,” in regards to privilege or systematic racism.

Sources have confirmed that the SB3 bill has been forwarded by Republican lawmakers in response to analyzing academic discipline and how racism is implemented in U.S Law’s and policies.

The notion stems from the mandatory conversations surrounding social justice and and public policy following the viral murder of George Floyd.

The bill has not been passed into law as of yet, it is now headed to the state House. However it’s stuck because Texas Democratic representatives are currently protesting against voting restrictions which means there are not enough members in office to vote.

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