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Father Of Four Pronounced Dead After 17 Year Old Male Uses To Enter His Under Age Daughter’s Room


An extremely tragic incident has left a father of four dead after confronting an armed 17 year old male upon entering the bedroom of his 14 year old daughter!

The altercation occurred earlier this month around 8AM on Sunday within the Hayfield Drive Zachary area of North Baton Rouge.

According to AJC Police reports originally described the incident as a break in but after further investigation it appears that Nicholas Mcquirter used a ladder from outside of the house to enter Dezmon Hamilton daughter’s room.

Sources have confirmed that Dezmon discovered Nicholas in his daughter’s room which began the confrontation. It has also been indicated that some time had elapsed before gunfire broke out between the two.

““The daughter’s mother and grandmother came over to discuss what was going on,”said Zachary Police Chief David McDavid. “The grandmother and her daughter took the 14-year-old off to the side and were talking to her. An argument ensued and then gunshots were fired.”

It hasn’t been confirmed who began to open fire first but Dezmon was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nicholas faces charges of second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and illegal possession of a stolen firearm. He is currently hospitalized in critical condition.

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