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Dr. Dre Ordered To Pay $300K In Spousal Support Until Nicole Young Remarries!


A judge has officially ordered music mogul Dr Dre to provide monthly payments of $293,306 in spousal support to his soon to be ex wife!

The payments of nearly $300,000 dollars are set to kick in next month beginning August 1st.

According to Fox News the court order indicates that Dre must continue making the hefty payments until Nicole Young either enters a domestic partnership, remarry or officials order otherwise at a later date.

He’s also been ordered to continue paying for their California homes located in Malibu and Pacific Palisades.

Sources have confirmed that the spousal support payments are equally aligned with what Dre has been already paying and is only a small amount compared to the $2 million dollars a month Nicole originally requested.

Court documents read that he’s been forwarding temporary spousal pay two months after they decided to move forward with the divorce.

Together the former couple shares two adult children and were married for 24 years.

Dre and Nicole are scheduled to appear in court next Thursday.

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