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Aaliyah’s Uncle Salutes Normani’s New Single But Wishes She Would’ve Asked For Use Of “One In A Million” Sample!


Normani ‘s new single Wild Side featuring Cardi B is currently making numbers on the airwaves as fans celebrate the new tune after a two year hiatus.

As the single continues to rack up on views and downloads it’s also faced criticism for sampling the late Aaliyah ‘s classic One In A Million track .

According to TMZ Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson and manager of her catalogue of her music has released an official statement in regards to Normani’s new single.

He sends support of the track in saying that his niece, “always encouraged young women pursuing their musical and entertainment careers, to achieve their dreams.”

However, Barry states that it would’ve been more “honorable if she” requested approval to sample “One in a Million” .

He continues by saying, “I will not stand in the way of something that brings to light the incredible staying power of Aaliyah. So in that light, wishing Normani well with the song and overall career. God bless. I think Aaliyah would be pleased.”

Reports read that an attorney for Blackground confirmed with TMZ that the Aaliyah sample was never officially cleared for use. But Normani’s team insists that “Wild Side” hasn’t used a direct sample of the song.

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