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Viral Racist Neighbor Facing Additional Charges For Reportedly Drug Related Crimes!


Whelp it appears that New Jersey resident EdwardMathews has officially written a check with hi s mouth that he can’t cash following a viral racist attack on his Black neighbor, he’s officially racked up additional charges!

According to 6ABC Philadelphia news , the 45 year old was charged with damaging the property of his neighbors, stalking, narcotics violations and numerous other crimes.

“These new charges underscore the importance of our community members coming forward with any information they have about criminal activity, whether about this case or any other incident,”says Chief Riedener said.

“Because someone recorded Mathews’ conduct on Friday night, we had the evidence to bring the previous charges, and the opportunity to gather the evidence that led to these additional charges, including for damage we allege he recently caused to his neighbors’ vehicles.”

Reports read that Edward is currently being held at the Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly.

As we previously reported he was arrested on Monday following a racist attack he made on his neighbor that circulated throughout social media and was responded to by countless community members protesting outside of his home.

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