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Custom Bentley Quavo Gifted Saweetie For Christmas Currently On Sale For $280,000!


We now know one member of the Migos that believes in ‘backsies’ as Saweetie ‘s custom 2020 Bentley Continental is currently on sale at an exotic car dealership!

Trending reports from both the Neighborhood Talk and TMZ have confirmed that the GTC V8 convertible is being sold for $280,000 at Jake Motorcars dealership.

Since their public breakup a few months back there has been numerous rumors surrounding if Quavo took the Bentley back.

As we previously reported he gifted her the luxury whip as a surprise gift for Christmas which read the words ‘ICY’ in the headrests.

Reports read that Quavo leased the Bentley and ultimately made a deal with the dealership to end the contract early after the couple decided to go separate ways.

Within the single “ Having Our Way” featuring Drake on the Migos recently released album Culture III Quavo raps,Havin’ my way, now this sh*t like a business. Load up the bases, now I feel like Cal Ripken / She had it her way, now she out of a Bentley.”

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