Tessica Brown Launches Hair Care Line, “Forever Glue” Inspired By Gorilla Glue Incident!

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Cousins! Tessic aBrown is taking her sticky situation gone viral and turning it into a business as she’s officially launched a hair care line inspired by the Gorilla Glue incident!

According to TMZ , the ‘Forever Hair’ brand was created with the initiative of helping individuals that suffer from hair loss and damage.

Tessica states that her own hair fiasco served as motivation to assist others because she has also suffered from hair loss following the Gorilla Glue incident.

Reports read that the line currently consist of hairspray for $14, sleek edge control for $13 and hair growth drops for $18.

Despite the line being inspired by the extreme glue incident, Tessica states that her products will wash out safely and will not damage hair.

Sources have confirmed that Tessica has been working with professionals to produce the line and creating a formula that will benefit each customer.

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