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Nicki Minaj Responds To T-Pain’s Claim That She Ghosted Him In 2007 For A Potential Collab!


T-Pain is arguably one of the most diverse and talented artists this generation has ever bared witness to. From countless solo hits and collaborative projects, T-Pain has being doing his thing for nearly two decades.

However, there’s one explosive collaboration that just didn’t happen within Pain’s career as of yet due to miscommunication and tied up schedules.

In a recent interview with the 85 South Show Pain opened up about requesting to collab with Nicki Minaj and how she turned down the request to be featured on one of his singles.

He explained that the two had met in 2007 when she was still up and coming in the music industry and that he reached out to her to rap on one of his tracks but she had gotten caught up in her own project and ghosted him.

“We was about to work together, and she stopped responding, and I was like, ‘Nick, let me know what’s going on,’” said Pain.

“She was like, ‘Hey, I’m an artist too, and I’m working on my sh*t… Baby, chill.’ And I was like, ‘Oh… My heart.’”

Despite the incident being fresh in his mind, Nicki responded by saying she doesn’t remember it happening but believes that is something she’d say.

The Queens, New York rapper commented under Pain’s video of the incident by saying, “I don’t remember this AT ALL, but it DEF sound like smthn I would say,” she wrote. “Omg what was I thinking? He was already a really big artist. I was still underground. Chileeeeee, I used to b buggin yo. I was under so much pressure to deliver. My bad babe, all love.”

She went on to thank him for assisting her on her latest project. “I have nothing but respect for your talent, and thank you and Kanye for clearing ‘Go Hard’ for Beam Me Up Scotty last month. Listening to you over and over on that record taught me so much about harmonies and background vocals. Your vocals on that song alone are GOATED FOR LIFE. I listened to every single detail.”

Cousins would you be here for a collab from the two within this era?

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