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Neighbor Released 3 Days After Being Arrested For Shooting 6 Year Old Child In The Arm While Retrieving His Bike From The Yard!


The family of a young boy is currently searching for answers following a heartbreaking incident of their son being shot in the arm while attempting retrieve his bike from a neighbor’s yard!

The Ypsilanti Township, Michigan six year old child is currently recovering from the tragic wound. Sources have confirmed that the young boy and his siblings were outside riding bikes and then stopped in front of their neighbor’s home. The neighbor became reportedly upset that the young boy’s bicycle was in front of his yard.

According to The Root the neighbor has been identified as an Asian man named Ryan Le-Nguyen , 29. He initially threaten the young child with a sledgehammer and then went in his home and opened fire from his window releasing a single bullet into the boy’s arm.

The 6 year old is expected to undergo a full recovery, however medical officials have indicated that if the bullet would’ve shifted in either direction he could’ve died.

“I’m trying to figure out he got a bond so low for trying to kill my kid,” states the father of the young child Arnold Daniel.

Reports read that despite being charged with assault with intent to murder Ryan was set free on $10,000 bond after spending only three days in jail. He has been ordered to not return home.

“Right now, he’s not even processing what happened,” Daniel tells local news about his son. “He doesn’t realize how close he came to not being here—but I realize it.”

Daniel also states that since Ryan is free, “I’m scared for my family because I don’t know what he’s capable of.”

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