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Newark Teenager Accuses Diddy Of Stealing His Black Owned Business Marketing App Idea!


A Newark , New Jersey has come forward with claims that music mogul and philanthropist Sean #Diddy Combs allegedly stole his Black Owned Business marketing app idea!

As we previously reported Diddy has paired up with Salesforce to officially launch a marketplace platform for Black business owners.

The Jersey teen has come forward with allegations indicating that he was the original creator of the Circulate App idea that he designed to help ease the search of Black Business Owners.

Within a now circulated video the teen says, “Have you ever had your heart ripped out of your chest?” For the past year, I’ve been building, developing, and promoting a black business discovery app called Circulate. This past Wednesday, P. Diddy announces he’s creating a Black business discovery platform called Shop Circulate.”

The teen continues by explaining, within his passionate speech, “This is what a Black entrepreneur faces all the time. We go under-funded, we can’t get loans, we don’t have a network to get resources from, look man, I’m a kid from Newark, New Jersey, I can’t fight this machine alone. I need help. Follow us on Instagram, donate to our GoFundMe, links are in the bio. And if somehow, this reaches the ear of P. Diddy directly, “you can email me here”

The young creator states he created the app in support of Black Business Owners. “We saw that the status quo was devoid of a centralized hub to support black businesses and professionals. We decided to change that. From the ground up. This platform was built by 2 teenagers who were tired of being tired of being tired. This culminiation of sweat, blood, and tears. Long-nights, and countless fights.”

According to Hot New Hip Hop Diddy originally announced news of his Black market place app in June first nearly a month after the teen launched his own.

Diddy hasn’t responded to the forwarded claims at this time. Cousins please stick with us for future updates.

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