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Erica Mena Threatens Wendy Williams With A Mama Beatdown After Commenting On Her Family!


Married couple and reality television stars Erica Mena and Safaree have been the topic of conversations the last few days following news that they are currently expecting their second child together!

Though the couple has received a momentous amount of love from fans congratulating them on their bundle of joy, many have identified their union as toxic due to their public arguments on social media where they’ve threatened to divorce.

Talk show host Wendy Williams chimed in with a few words of her own on Wednesday following their pregnancy announcement.

“You and Safaree. I don’t really know you much, Erica, but I do know Safaree enough, and you all need to stop fighting and threatening divorce so much.”

She then advised them both to GROW UP.

“And you all need to grow up and grow into being parents, and if you’re not gonna wanna be married, then get a divorce and co-parent. And babies don’t save marriages, but good luck, at least your first, six months.” Wendy concludes by saying, “good luck.”

After the video clip began to circulate Eric a took to social media to tweet, “@WendyWilliams At this point let’s link up so I can beat your ass. Your ex husband didn’t do a good enough job.“

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