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Damson Idris And DreamDoll Shut Down Dating Rumors After Friendly Photos Surface!


Though it’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, we all know in the world of social media it only takes a second for people to come up with their own agendas of a situation that isn’t even half way true!

Rising Snow Fall Star Damson Idris and recording artist DreamDoll found themselves within a tangled web after pictures of them surfaced on the internet at a Oscars party.

Both Damson and Dream attended the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles located Oscars party separately on Sunday April 25th. The surfaced images show the two pictured together alongside two other men in a series of photos smiling.

It wasn’t long before Damson’s fans took to social media to voice their feelings towards his new rumored union.

The British actor took to Twitter on Monday evening in a tweet that read, “Ok. So don’t pose near women because then we are apparently married. 📝Forgive me, I’m still learning. 🍷”

Dream followed up in The Shaderoom comments to also shut the circulated rumors down and inform fans that the two had only met last night and were not together.


 “Y’all need to relax ….. Potential boo? I literally just met him yesterday it was just a damn photo.”

From the looks of things Damson and Dream are not an item, case closed ladies and gentlemen.We all can move on now..

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