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Tamir Rice’s Family Requests Biden Administration To Reopen His Case!


The family of fatal police brutality victim Tamir Rice is currently requesting the Biden-Harris administration to reopen and investigate his case!

According to Baller Alert, Tamir’s family attorney Zoe Salzman forwarded a direct statement to President Biden’s Depart of Justice on Friday pleading for them to revisit the case after being closed by Trump’s administration last year.

Tamir was murdered in 2014 at the young age of 12 years old by Cleveland, Ohio police officer Timothy Loehmann playing with a toy gun in a park that they believed was an actual firearm. Despite the fact that a caller who contacted officials of the incident that the gun was more than likely fake.

“The election of President Biden, your appointment, and your commitment to the rule of law, racial justice, and police reform give Tamir’s family hope that the chance for accountability is not lost forever,” reads the letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Ultimately a Grand Jury refused to charge the police for Tamir’s murder and secretly closed off an investigation in 2019 reports the New York Times.

“We write on their behalf to request that you re-open this investigation and convene a grand jury to consider charges against the police officers who killed Tamir.”

The letter also alleges that former President Trump’s Department of Justice issued a, “self-serving memo to attempt to defend its decision by deceptively making this case seem complex and impossible to prosecute.”

“The truth is that the actual facts, when stripped of pro-police bias, are indisputably straightforward.”

The letter also requests the Attorney General to “not turn a blind eye to what has occurred here.”

“This case deserves to be presented to a grand jury without the agenda of exonerating the officers,” the letter says. “Seek an indictment, and let the grand jury decide whether to do so. And, if they do, try the case so that this conduct can be judged impartially in a court of law, as justice requires.”

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