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Daunte Wright’s Parents Speak Out Following The Murder Of Their Son And Address Officials Claims That The Incident Was Accidental!


Following the tragic murder of Daunte Wright at the hands of a Minnesota officer his parents Aubrey and Katie Wright have officially spoken out for the first time while also addressing claims that the incident was an accident!

In an exclusive interview on Tuesday with Good Morning America, Daunte’s father Aubrey says, “I lost my son, he’s never coming back.”

He continues, “I can’t accept that — a mistake, that doesn’t even sound right. This officer has been on the force for 26 years. I can’t accept that.”

As we previously reported Daunte had been pulled over within a traffic stop for having air fresheners on his rear view mirror.

While he was being handcuffed for alleged warrants he had re-entered his vehicle that’s when former officer Kim Potter shot Daunte in the chest and killed him.

Daunte’s mother Katie Wright, says her son had called her during the traffic stop. She recalls that he told her that the police had pulled him over due to air fresheners hanging in his rear view mirror. She instructed him to take them down and to let her speak with the police over the phone if they ask for his car insurance so she could provide them with the information. Katie says that’s when she heard the police ask her son to step out of the vehicle.

Daunte said, ‘For what, am I in trouble?’ I heard the phone getting put down pretty hard,” Katie says.

“And then I heard scuffling and the girl that was with him screaming, and I heard an officer ask for them to hang up the phone and then I didn’t hear anything else.”

“I tried to call back three, four times and the girl that was with him answered the phone and she said that they shot him and he was lying in the driver’s seat unresponsive,” Katie states while crying.

“And then I heard an officer ask her to hang up the phone again and then after that, that’s the last time I’ve seen my son. I haven’t seen him since.”

She goes on to say, “I know my son was scared. He’s afraid of the police, and I just seen and heard the fear in his voice. But I don’t know why and it should have never escalated the way it did.”

“He had a 2-year-old son that’s not going to be able to play basketball with him. He had sisters and brothers that he loved so much,” Katie Wright said. “He just had his whole life taken away from him. We had our hearts pulled out of our chests. He was my baby.”

ABC News reports, Daunte’s family is seeking justice and that the officer responsible for the death of their son be held accountable fully.

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