Master P Urges The Music Industry To Come Together, ‘Drugs Killed A Lot Of Our Great Ones’

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Music mogul and business man Master P is calling on the music industry to take a better stance within offering assistance and support to artists battling substance abuse!

According to People Magazine, the New Orleans native forwarded his concerns to TMZ following the tragic hospitalization and ultimate loss of iconic rapper DMX.

“DMX is an icon and I just hate that we have to wait ’till something happens to one of these guys, or to one of us, before everybody really starts saying how much they care and they love you,” states Master P.

“We have to figure out how to prevent that. Drugs done killed a lot of our great ones and sent a lot of them to prison and I’m praying for DMX and his family.”

He continues, “I hope that people start celebrating these icons while they’re alive. Imagine all the stuff we could’ve prevented for DMX, to help him.”

“There will never be another DMX, he’s one of a kind.”

“I feel like hip-hop needs some type of union,” Master P adds. “The NBA has it. [We have to ask ourselves,] ‘What happens when a guy falls off?’ After he done sold millions of records, even a female. ‘What happens?’ … Think about it.”

“the NBA, when they’re done [playing basketball], they go to SportsCenter, they can sit around, where do hip-hop [artists] go” ?

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