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LA County To Return $72 Million Worth Beachfront Resort To Black Couple’s Descendants After Being Taken By Racist Police During The 1900s!


A Black family has recently received life altering news after that Los Angeles Manhattan Beach front property previously owned by their descendants will be returned to them after they were ultimately forced out by racist officials in the 1900s!


Within the early 1900s Charles and Willa Bruce had previously moved to California from New Mexico with their son Harvey reports the Daily Mail.

Sources have confirmed that the married couple purchased land on Manhattan Beach in 1912 and opened a resort alongside the previously undeveloped area.

It has been indicated that the resort was one of the very first to allow African Americans to swim the coast, dance and sunbathe with welcoming arms.


The couple named the resort Bruce’s lodge. Together they built the first West Coast resort for Black people during the traumatic segregation era that kept many African Americans away from the beaches.


However in 1924, racist city officials unethically seized the property of two dozen owners.

The resort’s customers including the Bruce’s were harassed by white neighbors and the Ku Klux Klan who had attempted to burn their property down.

The Bruce family took their case to court, lost the area and was forced to leave.

Reports read on Friday April 9th, 2021 Los Angeles County officials declared that the land will be returned to the Bruces’ family descendants that is currently worth $72 million dollars.

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