Marsai Martin Advocates For No Black Trauma Rule In Her Upcoming Production Projects!

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Hollywood’s youngest CEO Marsai Martin is taking an impactful stance within the media industry that we all can appreciate as she advocates to solely produce content that reflects on the Black experience but does not feature or highlight Black trauma!

Within a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter the 9x image award winner speaks on the future projects she wants to create with her production company of Genius Entertainment.


“I have a couple of rules when you come into my office,” Marsai states.

“When you come into my office, don’t give me this—I don’t do no Black pain. If it’s Black pain I don’t go for it because there’s so many films and projects about that, so that’s not who I am.”

This is a breath of fresh air as social media users have been projecting their rapid concerns for their disinterest in repetitive screen plays and series that only discuss trauma, crime and drugs within Black cinema.

As we previously reported Marsai is currently working on a project named “Saturday’s” that will depict the life of a young girl battling sickle cell disease with a love for roller skating.

Marsai states that the series is an example of content she will produce, to shed light on the Black experience but not to exploit it.

“It’s just very fun and very exciting,” says Marsai. “We’re just bringing back the Disney Channel era that I grew up watching with That’s So Raven and Good Luck Charlie, the shows that I love, and I wanted to bring that back in a way where everyone can watch it, not just the kids, but the family. It’s our humor; I’m excited for it.”

She continues, “I want to make sure that it is diverse and real in its own way. I know a lot of people don’t like the word “authentic,” but I just love real stories that people can resonate with, even when it doesn’t resonate with you personally but you know a friend who’s dealt with that or families. And I love a good plot twist because it gets me every time, just something that is real and something that you can grow up watching, tell your kid’s kids about it and just having those moments because I mean, I love old school stuff. I’m an old soul, so I grew up watching the films that my grandma was watching. So having something like that to where my kid’s kids can watch something and still love it is something that I want to do.“

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