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Prayers Up: Bad Girls Club Star Deshayla Harris Murdered In VA Beach Shooting!


It is with a truly heavy heart that we inform you all of the horrific passing of ‘Bad Girls Club’ cast member Deshayla Harris following several shooting within VA Beach!

Deshayla, 28 was identified as one of two fatalities serving from three separate shootings that took place on Friday March. 26th reports TMZ.

Reports read that Deshayla was a bystander within the second shooting incident when she was caught in the cross fire and hit by a stray bullet.

Police officials state that the shots were fired from two feuding parties near the beachfront near the resorts area.

Unfortunately Deshayla is said to have died at the scene as eight additional individuals were taking to a local hospital for injuries from the shootings.

Ahmon Adams, Nyquez Baker and Devon Dorsey Jr. have been arrested and charged with several counts including assault, use and reckless handling of a firearm, among others.

However there have been no arrests made for the murder of Deshayla at this time. An investigation is still ongoing as they search for the person responsible.

Deshayla is know for her appearance in season 17 of the Bad Girls Club and beloved fashion sense and firecracker personality.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her loved ones.

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