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Beyoncé Los Angeles Storage Unit Robbed Of Over $ 1 Million Dollars In Valuables!


The Beyhive is currently circulating on high alert following breaking news that Beyoncé’s storage unit was recently broken into and robbed of over a million dollars in valuables!

According to TMZ three storage units located in Los Angeles filled with Beyoncé’s items had been robbed twice this month alone as burglars made out with expensive handbags and dresses.

Sources have confirmed that the units were being rented out by Beyoncé’s production company of Parkwood Entertainment, however the stolen items all belonged to her personally.

Reports read that a week after the first incident the thieves returned and robbed three storage units within the same facility. They made away with handbags, kids toys and photos belonging to Beyoncé’s stylist.

It has indicated that no arrests have been made at this time and an ongoing investigation is currently underway.

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