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Stop The Cap: Rumors That Quavo Repoed The Bentley He Gifted Saweetie Shutdown!


Rappers and former couple Saweetie and Quavo have had social media on lock all week following their public break up. From memes, videos, family members feuding and now rumors of him repoing the Bentley he gifted her, it’s safe to say things are getting a tad bit out of hand!

Despite the social media chatter and false narratives pushed by media outlets it has been confirmed that the Migos member did NOT repossess the Bentley.

According to TMZ , sources close to Quavo have come forward to state that he hasn’t even thought about taking the car back.

The circulated story alleges that Quavo sent a repossession company to Saweetie’s car in the middle of the night to take the car. Also that Quavo had the car leased in his name and that he struck a deal to have the contract ended early. All lies y’all, every single bit of it.

As we previously reported, Quavo gifted Saweetie a brand new decked out Bentley back in December 2020 with the word “ICY” engraved in the headrest.

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