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Speak On It: Tamika Mallory Responds To Tamir Rice’s Mother Accusations Of Clout Chasing, “I feel like we have all failed her”


Social justice activist Tamika Mallory has officially responded to police brutality victim Tamir rice mother Samaria Rice’s accusations of clout chasing and exploiting of her son’s name!

Within a recently released episode of her podcast “For The Record: Chasing Freedom” alongside activist Mysonne, Tamika addressed the forwarded claims wholeheartedly.

“Nothing we say today is an attack against Ms. Rice. I want to make sure that that is stated from the very, very beginning. Quite frankly, Ms. Rice is right. I support 100% how she feels and what she has stated in terms of her pain related to her son,” Tamika states.

“I feel like we all have failed her, I was thinking a lot about this coming here today— we all have failed her. As a nation, I think that whenever a child, or any person, but particularly a child is killed, this nation should have erupted. “

Sh continues, “And the fact that she did not get the proper justice for her son would make anyone angry. And so I totally understand and respect the trauma and pain that she feels as a mother.

Tamika goes in to state that she nor Mysonne have used Tamir’s name for profit or any other families they have worked with.
“I will never ever allow my organization, my team, Until Freedom, or myself to be used a tool in the master’s box. I will never allow that.”

“I would never be so disrespectful as to speak about her child, or to have a campaign that addresses her child, or uses her child’s name to uplift any cause,” Tamika stated

“I will be very, very careful going forward to ensure that I will respect her wishes.”

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