ICYMI: Relationship Coach Derrick Jackson Admits To Cheating On His Wife With Multiple Women!


Self proclaimed relationship expert Derrick Jackson shook up the internet on Monday night as he admitted to the world alongside his wife that he had previously cheated with numerous women in the past.!

News of Derrick’s infidelity had been exposed by two women that he reportedly been involved with.

It has been indicated the immediate black lash Derrick received lead to him and his wife Da’Naia to publicly address everything.

Within the now viral interview, Derrick admitted to being a serial cheater. He states that his wife has been told everything and that they are working it out.

Da’Naia also revealed that she knew about his infidelity and left him because of it. She states that she didn’t return until he changed his cheating ways and got his right with the lord.

Cousins what are your thoughts on this?

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