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Eve Set To Star In Music Drama Pilot, ‘Queens’ On ABC!


Eve is returning to the world of television as she’s officially been casted to play the lead role within ABC’s music drama pilot,’ Queens’

The Queens pilot will unveil the story of four estranged women within their 40s that reconnect following a chance to obtain fame and popularity that they once lived as part of their legendary 90’s hip-hop group Nasty B*tches, reports Variety.

Reports read that Eve will play the role of Brianna formally known as Professor Sex, one fourth of the female rap group, known for rhyming about money, sex and the fabulous life style she once lived.

Today Brianna’s world has done a complete 360 as she is now a wife and mother of 5 that enjoys her everyday life but has unfinished business in the industry.

With a distant but present dream of obtaining a music career, Brianna jumps at the chance to reunite with her former group members.

Sources have confirmed that along with staring in the pilot Eve will also create original music for her show’s character.

“Queens,” is written and produced by Zahir McGhee and Sabrina Wind. As of right now there have been no forwarded details of any other identified cast members or the series official release date.

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