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Three Police Officers Suspended Following Pepper Spraying Of 9 Year Old Girl!


Extremely disturbing body camera footage is currently circulating throughout social media of a 9 year old girl being pepper sprayed by Rochester, New York police officials!

According to NBC News the partially recorded incident shows officers responding to a reported altercation between family members.

On Friday January 29th local officers were alerted of the young girl threatening to harm herself as well as her mother stated deputy chief Andre Anderson.

Within the video you can hear the girl crying and pleading for the officers to contact her father as they try to place her within the police vehicle. It wasn’t long before one of the unidentified officer’s state, “ You’re acting like a child!”

The young girl then responds, “I am a child!”

Another unidentified officer can be heard threatening to pepper spray the girl if she continued to resist.

Anderson publicly stated within regards to the incident that effects of the pepper spray did work.

Sources have confirmed that an internal investigation is currently underway, that one police officer was suspended and two were placed on administrative leave. The identities of the officers have not been released to the public at this time.

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