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Virginia Daycare Owner Charged With Murder Of 2 Year Old Girl!


An illegal daycare operator has officially been charged with the 2020 gruesome murder of a two year old she was babysitting!

On Tuesday, January 26 Jessica Cherry was charged for second-degree murder felony, attempted malicious wounding, two counts of felony abuse, neglect of a child and two counts of felony child endangerment following the death of Kaylee Thomas, reports The Grio.

Reports read that Kaylee was found unresponsive at the babysitter’s Norfolk home on August 18, 2020 around 3 pm while in the care of Cherry‘s home.

Prosecutors have noted that Cherry’s home located on the 1300 block of Jenifer Street equipped with a front yard and playground equipment, operated as an unlicensed daycare facility.

Young Kaylee was transported to a local children’s hospital where she was pronounced dead. Initially the Norfolk Medical Examiner’s Office was unable to determine the cause and manner of Kaylee’s death however it has now been confirmed by officials that the horrific incident was a homicide.

Cherry was originally arrested and charged in September 2020 with attempted malicious wounding, felony abuse, neglect of a child and child endangerment.

It has been indicated that a ring camera was discovered in the daycare along with a video. It appears that the camera was turned towards a television, however the activities of the premises were indirectly projected on the dark screen.

Prosecutors state that the police investigated hours worth of footage and discovered the camera had recorded numerous crimes against other children on the date of August 11, just one week before Kaylee died.

It has been noted that the video shows Cherry covering a child’s nose and mouth with a cloth and another incident of her slapping a toddler till the child cried.

Prosecutors identify Cherry as a danger to the community and that families who trusted her with their children were unaware of her behavior.

Cherry’s attorney argues that she has no prior criminal history and has has lost custody of her 5-year-old son due to the allegations.

Sources have confirmed that a 1 year old baby boy died in Cherry’s care in January 2020 and that his cause of death hasn’t been determined.

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