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Tommy ‘ Tiny’ Lister Made Legal Name Change In Respect To His Legendary Role In Friday Film!


Following the tragic passing of beloved actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister it has recently been discovered that he had legally changed his name in honor of his legendary role in the film Friday.

According to his death certificate obtained by TMZ , Tommy had changed his government name from Thomas Duane Lister Jr. to Tommy Debo Lister.

Incase you’re unfamiliar with the history behind the name, Tommy had played the role of Debo a neighborhood bully within the Ice Cube original 90’s film Friday and 2000s sequel Next Friday.

Sources have confirmed that Tommy’s manager Cindy Cowan stated the actor had officially made the name change in Los Angeles six months prior to his death.

For years no matter what role Tommy played within his career, fans of his work would forever refer to him as Debo.

It has been indicated that no information has been forwarded yet of the direct cause of Tommy’s death. However friends and family close to him believe it was Covid-19 related due to how sick he was.

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