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Investigation Underway After Officials Discover Ayanna Presley’s Panic Button Was Torn Out Prior To US Capitol Invasion!


An investigation is underway following the discovery that House Representative Ayanna Pressley ‘s panic button was torn out prior to the gruesome US Capitol Invasion!

Pressley’s panic button within the Massachusetts Democratic office was discovered removed by her staffers during the riot, reports the New York Post.

“Every panic button in my office had been torn out- the whole Unit,” states Pressley’s chief of staff Sarah Groh to local news.

Sources have confirmed that during the invasion by Trump’s mobsters Pressley’s staff members barricaded themselves in her office with furniture and water jugs.

It has been indicated that Groh, Pressley and her husband were escorted to numerous secure location but paid extra close attention to officers they were unfamiliar with or didn’t trust.

Both Groh and Pressley are unaware of why the panic buttons were removed.

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