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Additional Social Media Applications Permanently Ban Donald Trump’s Access To Their Platforms!


The list of social media applications vowing to silence Donald Trump on their platforms once and for all is seemingly growing by the minute!

As we previously reported earlier this week Facebook creator #MarkZuckerberg announced the permanent suspension of number 45’s account including Instagram. Which was then followed by the social media platform of Twitter.

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According to Glamour various platforms and app stores have either banned, temporary suspended, or filtered content pertaining to Trump, 2020 false election theories or acts of violence forwarded by his supporters.

The list includes: Apple, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch and YouTuber and counting.

Each platform has released private statements confirming their decisions while informing social media users of their zero tolerance policy for the promotion of violence.

Trump has been utilizing his social media accounts to publicly forward false accusations and theories pertaining to the 2020 election since November. Which has ultimately fed his supporters the fuel to act both violently and viciously causing major havoc across the country.

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