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Cases Of Covid-19 Strain Originally Discovered In The UK Recently Found In New York!


Additional cases of the COVID-19 strain originally found in the United Kingdom has officially been discovered within the state of New York reports Governor Andrew Cuomo!

“The UK strain is here, it is real, and the Usain Bolt-like speed through which it spreads is nothing short of frightening,” stated Governor Cuomo within a news conference on Saturday.

“There’s no mystery as to how it got here — it got on a plane and flew here from Europe, just like the original strain did.”

According to CBS News a total of four cases have now been found within New York.

It has been indicated that the newly discovered covid-19 strain is far more contagious than the original.

The strain has surfaced within the states of New York as well as Colorado, California and Florida.

Cuomo also speaks on the government’s response to the pandemic, “The federal government continues to refuse to learn from the spring and mandate testing for all international travelers. Their failure to act means the rest of us need to be that much more vigilant in our work to stop the spread, as well as do all we can to accelerate the distribution of the vaccine.”

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