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Virginia Governor Signs New Law Banning No Knock Search Warrants On Behalf Of Breonna Taylor!


Virginia governor Ralph Northam has officially signed a new law banning the issuing of no knock search warrants statewide on behalf of the late Breonna Taylor !

‘Breonna’s Law’ was originally approved in the month of October with Breonna’s family front and center to witness, reports USA Today

Sources have confirmed that Gov. Notham signed the law for the second time into legislation on Monday.

It has been indicated that Virginia serves as the official third state to ban no-knock warrants and the very first since Breonna Taylor’s murder back in March.

Gov Notham states the newly issued law is nothing to celebrate, it was necessary so that, “other families don’t suffer the same loss as Breonna’s family.”

He notes that though we can’t bring Breonna back our comfort her family, “we honor them when we act.”

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