Black Woman Warns Others About Safety After She Finds A Hidden Camera During An Airbnb Stay!


Airbnbs often come in handy when looking for a clean, upscale and affordable home away from home while traveling. However no matter where you stay always make sure you keep your eyes and ears open simply because you just never know what some people have up their sleeves, as a Black woman is issuing a warning to others after discovering a hidden camera while staying at an Airbnb!

A woman named Alexandra had booked an additional stay through Airbnb at a Brooklyn, New York location last Friday when she remembered a viral post about hidden cameras, reports The Shaderoom.

It has been indicated that as she unplugged a charger in the living room area she noticed a hidden camera. She then contacted the Airbnb company to inform her of her discovery. Reports read that Alexandra received a refund and was moved to safer space but the host of that specific booking space still remained listed where others would be able to rent.


Within a lengthy Instagram post Alexandra provided details of the ordeal and states that the Airbnb company only issued a warning to the host despite their strict policy of such happenings. She goes on to say that she contacted police officials on October 27th and was told that the incident was a gray area since the camera was placed in a common area.

The Shaderoom confirms that Alexandra stated that the officers won’t be able to do anything because the camera wasn’t placed in the bedroom or bathroom and that she’s also not on the lease and the space doesn’t belong to her. She was advised by officials even after finding the hidden camera chip associated with the footage that they would not conduct an investigation and that she should get an attorney.


Thankfully Airbnb ultimately took down the host’s booking location from their listing but only after Alexandra’s story went viral. However if it weren’t for Alexandra’s bravery and determination another young women’s privacy would’ve been violated.

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