YouTube Forwards $100 Million Dollar Initiative Focused On Spotlighting Black Voice And Racial Injustices!


YouTube is extending their efforts as well as their platform in an impactful way by backing an established $100 million dollar initiative focused on spotlighting Black voices and racial injustices throughout the world!

YouTube recently announced the new global slate and five newly structured projects dedicated towards funding Black creatives, reports Variety.

Sources have confirmed that the lineup consists of new documentary series “Resist” from executive producer Patrisse Cullors, a HBCU homecoming livestream special; a special dedicated to health issues within the Black community from Charles D. King and Macro Television Studios.

“Race has never been an easy issue to confront but the events over the last few months have opened up doors of dialogue and action that had once seemed closed,” says YouTube Vice President Malik Ducard.

“Across YouTube, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to contribute to these conversations about racial justice in a meaningful way.”

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