Actress Naturi Naughton Reveals That She Almost Wasn’t Casted As Tasha St. Patrick In Starz Hit Series Power!


Starz original hit series Power and #PowerBook2 : Ghost actress Naturi Naughton has recently revealed that she almost wasn’t caster for the legendary role of Tasha St Patrick.

Though we now know that no one would ever be able to walk even an inch in Mrs. St. Patrick shoes outside of Naturi, she states the show’s producers argued that she wasn’t mature enough for the role.

In an interview with People , Naturi states that she had to fight hard for her part to make it hers. “ It was not easy. They didn’t see me as mature enough for he role of Tasha because she was written to be five years older.”

📸: Starz Power

📸: Starz Power

She goes on to say, “ Thank God Courtney Kemp decided I was right for the essence of the character that she made her four years younger than Ghost. Now, Tasha in the story is younger than him and they are five years apart.”

“ I fought for that part. I’ll just say that I went in, auditioned and chemistry tested. It took me about four auditions to get that part. People think, ‘ Oh, you just got a part.’ No. You literally have to keep proving to people and I did it’s I fought big.”

It has been indicated that Naturi took the initiative and purchased a white BCBG Max Azria bandage dress and matched it with some five inch heels for for her final auction. The exact same outfit that is shown in the official series premier for episode one where we first meet Tasha and James Ghost St. Patrick.

Naturi Naughton Instagram

Naturi Naughton Instagram

“ My body looked amazing I had everything. I wore it to the auction and I was like, “ Okay you want to see woman? I’m going to give you woman. You’re going to hear me roar. That helped me get the part, “ says Naturi.

She also revealed that she was struggling at the time. “ I was actually struggling at that time,” the mom of one says. “I was living in a one-bedroom apartment. I was renting. I didn’t have a job at that time and I really needed a job. Then, my agency called just as they normally would and said, ‘You got an audition for a show called Power.’ They told me at the time it was executive-produced by 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp and I was like, ‘Okay, this sounds cool. I’m going to go hard. I’m going to try and get this,’ .”

Naturi says she values her role on Power and that she believes Tasha’s character to be impactful. “I think Tasha connects to us so deeply, because she’s always projected to be this strong, got-it-together woman, but we never see her just have a moment. When you do get to see it in this new season, you’re almost relieved that she’s letting a little bit of all that go. We as Black women don’t have to be strong and perfect all the time.”

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