Georgia Deputy Fired After Vidal Video Shows Him And Another Officer Nearly Beating A Black Man To Death In Front Of His Family!


An absolutely horrific and traumatizing video has been trending all weekend of a Black man being nearly beaten to death in front of his children by two Georgia police officials!

The incident took place on Friday in Clayton County Georgia when #RoderickWalker , his girlfriend their five month old child and his stepson were pulled over by officials for a reported broken taillight , reports the Guardian.

It has been indicated that the 26 year old male was asked for identification by deputies even though he wasn’t driving. Walker allegedly questioned why they needed his id and was then demanded to step out of the vehicle.

Sources have confirmed that the viral video was captured by an onlooker showing Walker being repeatedly punched in his face and choked as he was pinned to the ground by both deputies. Numerous voices can be head in the background demanding the two men to get off of him as body laid on the concrete lifelessly but they didn’t budge.

Within the video you can see Walker’s small child watching the entire ordeal and calling for him. As the deputies held Walker’s head to the ground he stated, I’m gonna die!” and “I can’t breathe.”

His girlfriend also repeatedly screamed for the two men to stop as Walker fell unconscious not once but two times.

According to TMZ, the Clayton County Sheriff’s office has stated, “After being made aware of a video posted on social media involving a Deputy using physical force on a man, Sheriff Victor Hill ordered his entire Internal Affairs Unit to come in and begin an investigation.”

One of the two men were originally placed on administrative leave until this afternoon where an unidentified deputy has been fired by order of Sheriff Hill for the excessive use of force. However Walker remains in jail following the incident with circulating photos showing him with a black and swollen eye.

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